• 12 Dec, 2023
  • By Diptangshu

The Original Cave and New Tunnel

While on the way to the Sanctum Sanctorum, one crosses a small patio type of structure on the right hand side of which is a Cave opening. This is the original Cave leading to the Holy Pindies. In the olden days, the yatries used to reach the Sanctum Sanctorum through this cave only. Nowadays, this cave is kept closed for a large part of the year. Since this cave is quite narrow, it takes several minutes for a single person to cross it and reach the Sanctum Sanctorum. Therefore, two new tunnels have been utilised to facilitate a larger number of pilgrims to have Darshans. One tunnel is used for the entrance and leads directly to the Sanctum Sanctorum.

The other tunnel is used for exit. The original cave is opened during the lean periods or on traditional festivals or for ritualistic occasions. Obtaining Darshans through this Cave is a different experience altogether and pilgrims desirous of enjoying this Divine Bliss are well advised to plan their trip during the lean periods only.

When one crosses the portion where the original Cave is located, one walks further through a corridor on which numerous bells stand suspended from the ceiling. After walking a few yards, one reaches a broad platform where statues of the Lions, the mount of the Mother Goddess and a life size statue of the Mother Goddess are enshrined. This is the entrance of the new tunnels.

Upon entering the tunnel, one should observe silence and carefully move in the queue. At the end of the tunnel is a raised marble platform on which the Divine Mother has revealed Herself in a natural rock form known as the Holy Pindies. Pilgrims should refrain from shouting slogans of praises inside the tunnel and around the Sanctum Sanctorum. This disturbs other pilgrims who may be interested in concentrating on the Darshans and on the description given by the priests.

The priest sitting on the platform, informs the pilgrims about these Pindies, however since the time for Darshans is limited, one only gets a glimpse of the Holy Pindies and has to move further in order to keep the queue moving. It is reiterated that Darshans inside the Holy Cave are in the form of natural rock formations called Pindies. There are no statues, pictures or idols inside. All along the track and at the Bhawan, there are many photographs explaining the nature of Darshans inside the Holy Cave. Yatries should observe these carefully since these are meant to guide them towards the final Darshans in the Holy Cave.



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