• 12 Dec, 2023
  • By Divya

At Bhawan & for Darshans

On arrival at Bhawan, obtain the group number at the Yatra slip check post to get into the queue for Darshans.

Proceed for Darshans only when the Group number is announced and avoid crowding for Darshans at Gate No.1. Abide by the procedure and wait for the turn of Darshans. Do not attempt to jump the queue.

Don't use soaps, shampoos, oils etc. at the bathing Ghats.

Freshen up and wear clean clothes before proceeding for the Darshans.

Nothing except cash and selected offerings are allowed inside the Holy Cave. All other belongings need to be deposited in the free cloak rooms.

Deposit your Coconuts inside the main waiting hall against a token.

While inside the Sanctum Sanctorum, focus your attention on the Holy Pindies of the Divine Mother.

Chanting of slogans of praises inside the cave is not allowed as it disturbs the other pilgrims.

Don't offer any cash or jewelry in front of the Holy Pindies. Instead deposit the same in the donation/jewelry boxes.

Deposit donations in the donation boxes kept at various locations or at the computerized donation counters against a proper receipt. No individual is authorized to accept any donation on behalf of the Board.

Kanya Poojan is strictly prohibited.

Please do not offer any tip or dakshina or any other gratification to any employee or person.

Darshans at Bhairon temple are done only after Darshans at the Holy Cave.



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