• 9 Sep, 2023
  • By chand.v

The Devas and Asuras were engaged in continuous war with each other with no signs of its abetting till a time came that the positions of Devas became strong and Asuras, threatened, had to flee and seek shelter with Shukracharya, the Guru of Asuras, who decided to undertake penance to gain spiritual powers to defeat the Devas and in the mean time asked the Asuras to lie low and abstain from war with the Devas. Shukracharya then approached lord Shankar on mount Kailash to seek his blessings to carry out his desired penance successfully.

Lord Shankar aware of the motive behind Shukracharya's penance delineated an extremely severe fast for Shukracharya to follow in order to gain the desired spiritual strength. In the meantime, the Devas learning of Shukracharya's penance decided to finish the Asuras before his return but were dissuaded in their task by the mother of Shukracharya who put them under the spell of 'Nidra' the Goddess of unconsciousness. Only Indra managed to escape it with the help of Lord Vishnu, who then beheaded the mother of Shukracharya who was the wife of famous Sage 'Bhrigu'. When Saint 'Bhrigu' heard of this incident, he got furious and cursed Vishnu to take birth on earth again and again. Bhrigu with his powers also put life back into his wife's body. Indra was at once overpowered by awe and fear to see the spiritual power of sage Bhrigu and fearing for the safety of the Devas, he sent his daughter Jayanti to serve Shukracharya and live with him. Jayanti did so with full devotion and patience till one day pleased by her, Shukracharya took her as his wife for ten years and created such an illusion that though they lived together, no one could see them with the result that in this period of 10 years, not even the Asuras could locate him.

In the meantime, Brihaspati on Indra's beseeching, assumed the form of Shukracharya and began to dwell with the Asuras. When after 10 years, the real Shukracharya returned the Asuras were unable to recognize him and thinking of him as an imposter, sent him away. Shukracharya, argued and put a curse upon the Asuras that they will be defeated by the Devas. The Devas then waged a war against the Asuras confidant of their victory. The Asuras realizing their mistake begged Shukracharya to forgive them. They succeeded in appeasing Shukracharya who agreed to help them but added that he had learned a great truth of the universe according to which what has to happen will happen. The war between the Asuras and Devas continued for hundreds of years till the Devas called the Goddess for their help. Asuras were frightened by the very sight of the Goddess and begged for her mercy upon which the goddess told them to shun the path of war and live peacefully in Patal Lok and wait for the wheel of time to turn in their favour. Thereafter there was peace in the universe and the Devas and the Asuras lived in their respective places peacefully.



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