• 12 Dec, 2023
  • By Pooja

While on the Track

Please uphold the sanctity of the pilgrimage and avoid loud dresses, vulgar language or offensive talk or gestures. The yatra is a journey of faith. Please do not treat it as a picnic or a vacation outing.

Respect the sentiments of co-pilgrims.

Cooperate with the security agencies for security checks.

Please avoid resting near landslide prone areas.

Refrain from smoking, chewing tobacco and betel leaves, spitting, spreading litter, playing cards etc. Consumption of liquor, intoxicants and non vegetarian food is strictly prohibited.

Keep the environment clean. Do not dirty the hill slopes. Throw the disposables in the dustbins only. In particular, minimize use of plastics.

Avoid carrying too much cash, jewelry and valuables. Take proper care whatever you carry and beware of pickpockets and petty thieves.

Don't trust strangers with belongings. Deposit all excess baggage in the cloak rooms.

Don't eat anything offered by strangers.

Beware of suspicious persons and unclaimed articles and report about the same to the security personnel.

Don't encourage begging. Begging is strictly prohibited.

Obtain cash receipt for any cash paid at the Shrine Board outlets.

Avoid using routes closed for repairs. This can prove extremely dangerous.

Yatries with high blood pressure or heart or asthamatic problems must seek clearance from their doctors before starting the journey.

Yatries with any kind of medical problems are strongly advised against using the stairs.

Sticking posters, writing on the walls, mutilating or damaging the property is a legal offence punishable with both fine and imprisonment.

Don't crowd anywhere. Instead keep moving.

Video film shooting is prohibited enroute. Please leave your video cameras at Katra.

Self service is the motto at all Shrine Board outlets, hence no room or table service is provided.



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