• 12 Dec, 2023
  • By Anjana

Waiting in Queue

Immediately after a pilgrim’s group number is called or displayed, he/she is ushered in through Gate No.1 into the queue complex. The queue complex is a long corridor which opens first into two large waiting halls, one after the other and finally opens at the mouth of the Holy Cave.

During ordinary days a pilgrim can enter Gate No.1 and upon crossing the required distance can reach the Sanctum Sanctorum in no time. But on days of heavy rush, one may have to wait inside the railings or the waiting room for some time before the queue ahead gets cleared. The Shrine Board has installed coloured Television sets all along the queue corridor. These television sets relay a direct telecast of the Holy Cave and the Holy Pindies. Pre recorded messages explaining the procedure of Darshans are also relayed Since the time available for Darshans inside the Holy Cave is limited, yatries are advised to carefully watch the television sets and hear the pre-recorded messages. This will help them in having proper Darshans inside the Cave.

In addition to the television sets, large backlit coloured photos of the Holy Pindies have been installed at various important locations. These are also meant to familiarize the pilgrims with the Darshans inside the cave. Provision of urinals and drinking water has also been made in the waiting corridors.



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